Try Humble 5/29/13

Father bless my words. Bless my purpose. A purpose driven manually . With no purpose to afflict anyone ,but to convict the wrongsome. So that they may see wrong some day. Yet some wont ever get. Even while witnessing myself slip knowing I have to be 100%. Forget real  Im talking responsible . Yea Yea word keep it real. Feel scripture 1st then secondly meditate those parables into the brainwaves. For there shall come a time where the sun wont shine. So your bling wont mater. Bank accounts can show plenty of zero’s. Probably why its adding up to nothing when considering the grand scheme of things. One that is never lacking substance. Needs attention for the hour glass is half empty. Eye blinks with winks in skimpy clothing is the profile for temptation. Yes I had to learn patience. Among many others that continue as a struggle,yet humble. Hoping I will stumble?? Well I have. Hoping your hatred crumbles. Portraying good vibes. All this is to open up your brains eyes. Now visualize. The day the money the fame was truly realized as not being anything you ever visualized. Would trade it all just for a uninterrupted mall stroll . Without the confusion that you are just human. Lets try humble. Lord bless my words . Bless my purpose.

Published by Proverb

Born and raised in Portsmouth Virginia. The youngest of 3 sons begin writing at age 29 after seeing his life become much of nothing through violations of license operations and mariquana, but also indulging in fornication and lies. Returning to his upbringing of faith in Christ it inspired not only his writing but his life. A faithful father and spiritually inclined thinker gave a different perspective of followers of Christ. Not only for those that are of the Christian faith but all for the belief that we are all his children "IF" we choose to be in belief in his son Jesus. IF we obey his words we display our love truly for him. This message is open to everyone that seeks it and if they do with all their heart they shall find it.

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