Preciously Planted

More precious  than stones ,gems, and rubies. Never again confuse me. Plant that so that any that wish to stem off can simply leave me. I have and have seen many fall. Yet my season is to come spring forward. Lets fast forward towards any quotes or rhetoric to explain Feel.  All can be found in a single book full of books …66 to be  exact. My route has been mapquested along with a strong signal for GPS. Yes I confess thy has sinned and forgiveness is best suited for the righteous. Strive for attributes that match him. Instead of characteristics of fools. Seek truth in its fullest. Then witness the irritants become just in their own way. For I pray and give thanks for a sacrifice that saved we!! Eyes see yet does message transmitted to the brain make sense?/ To what extint must my level of past need to speak? 

To bring forth light to this void room. Shall exploid the false soon .Then let the irritants stay just in their own way.

Claim Yeshua as your saviour please I plead. This comes from the man who has had physical possession and saw the demons that come with, but through him everything he gives shall be blessed. I thank him for taking it all for only then did I recognize. What I have. So seek that Love that better. For there is only 1 guarantee in this life like theres only 1 sun that blazes and that theres only 1 son that is begotten … Through him is your only way to everlasting life. So seek that Love and plant yourself preciously among the planted.

Published by Proverb

Born and raised in Portsmouth Virginia. The youngest of 3 sons begin writing at age 29 after seeing his life become much of nothing through violations of license operations and mariquana, but also indulging in fornication and lies. Returning to his upbringing of faith in Christ it inspired not only his writing but his life. A faithful father and spiritually inclined thinker gave a different perspective of followers of Christ. Not only for those that are of the Christian faith but all for the belief that we are all his children "IF" we choose to be in belief in his son Jesus. IF we obey his words we display our love truly for him. This message is open to everyone that seeks it and if they do with all their heart they shall find it.

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