Mute points with sounds of power

It is better to not speak than to utter conflict. Causing issues to become worst than before. No one wins and no one is able to see the purpose behind screams, yelling,cursing, even anger. All attributes of a weak-minded person. It takes an effort to refrain from going off. While it takes nothing to open your mouth and give into what is bothering you. One requires no physical action but all mental refrain. The other requires all physical display and zero mental control. Listen to others as they show their anger and some shortly after apologize as if another person became of them. For they are right. It was yet that person and it is still within and has all the power to show themselves when granted by you. Apologies are like toilet paper. They get used to clean up the dirtiest of deeds just to be flushed and never remembered again. Like a hypocrite no one likes an often crier or a inauthentic sorry person. An apology is good for once a year. Not for every opportunity that your actions need cleaning up. Dont say you are trying to change when your actions are the same. Dont claim the Father is working on you when you have knowledge of your wrongs. Sounds like he has already done his part by revealing your wrongs to you. Free will shall never be taken away. Once you can see it, it is then time to begin to practice self-control. Your actions are your heart not your words. Yeshua said that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. So yes the Father knows your heart and that’s why he shall judge it.  I pray that my personal self control matches that of the Fathers will in my life. He has shown me that my past is full of wickedness. So I cannot continue in those ways and claim he is working on me. No!! I need to work on me!!

He has done his part first off by sending his son to show the truth . To be sacrificed for sins before and after my time. For there is no knowledge of wisdom without that. Learning and studying past actions of corrupted leaders or ways of life to discourage a specific group through lies is not intended to bring you closer to Christ, but push you further away. So your time to groom a relationship with him is intended in learning about the corruption that you already had knowledge existed before reading your letters or education on schemes and plans to keep you ignorant towards comprehending basics. So valuing Christ as he is intended by the father is blurred by anger and confusion and shock by what evil created. For the Devil is a liar! Not God not Yeshua!! So why would your anger towards these evils works done be toward either ?? Because his name was included in it?? Oh heavenly Father this generation is but intelligently lost with their understandings and logics. Increasing knowledge of things factually based on the evils done yet used as a discredit to the Holy word. How much is true if the truth is not enough?? What is sought after the truth if/or unless that truth is unsatisfactory to your mentality? Do we ask whats next after solving a math equation? or after we count again decide our fingers are off set? If 1 was found to be truly 0 the explanation behind it would still intrigue enough to at least listen. Which shows any logic not true can capture the minds for even a second, and that’s usually all the Devil needs. 

A seed planted in a field of bad soil shall bring forth bad crops if any at all. And if the seed is bad in good ground the same result shall take place. So you can see there must be two or more just as scripture says for the Lord to be present to operate. Same logic good seed ,good soil to produce goods. Now pride ,arrogance,selfishness, anger, hypocrisy, ignorance, foolishness, greed, are all bad seeds. Lies deceit, manipulation, corruption, vanity, and knowledge of corruption are all bad grounds. Sow these seeds into grounds and your fruits may look good to the world ,but shall burn in time of judgment. Give because your heart says give. Receive not of gifts for joy, but give joyfully because you have no intent to receive. Strip all you can from what your flesh says yes to. To eat , to clothe, to drink is all necessary yes. Yet you can over eat, value food as comfort, and create an unhealthy living. To be clothed can become a hobby of vain shopping, so cherished and valued all to be a stain away from ruining your day. To drink is but required of water. But other liquids can become a routine of destruction, if only it stopped at alcohol. Energy drinks, sodas, and sugary sweets to ruin teeth and health. All of these basic fundamental things in life can be manipulated and placed in their wrongful place. So value none and think not of them. For the Father already knows of their importance so seek him. It is written all shall be added unto you. If that isn’t enough to bring you to bring you than what you seek is simply not of him but of yourself. The line in the sand has been drawn .You are with him in heaven or against him everywhere else except there.



Published by Proverb

Born and raised in Portsmouth Virginia. The youngest of 3 sons begin writing at age 29 after seeing his life become much of nothing through violations of license operations and mariquana, but also indulging in fornication and lies. Returning to his upbringing of faith in Christ it inspired not only his writing but his life. A faithful father and spiritually inclined thinker gave a different perspective of followers of Christ. Not only for those that are of the Christian faith but all for the belief that we are all his children "IF" we choose to be in belief in his son Jesus. IF we obey his words we display our love truly for him. This message is open to everyone that seeks it and if they do with all their heart they shall find it.

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