The beautiful and pleasant stench of Love

Anyone ever wonder why God gave Eve as a help mate and never referenced her as Adams wife?

Notice the one that did call her his wife in so many words was Adam. “And the man said: “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for out of man she was taken.” 24For this reason a man will leave his father and his mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. See man was given authority to speak what was to be on earth. He named the animals and he even named the woman. She was called woman before Eve. Notice it says for this reason; being what Adam said to his help mate: we are to leave our mother and father to be united to our wife. This was an institution created by man. God did not see fault in it as it was pure and a way to make them one fleshly and spiritually as they were prior. It was Adams choice to do this with the authority he was given to speak.I always found it interesting that we call the devil some sort of being that possessed a snake rather than a spirit ,and that person being with the spirit called a serpent. Yet we live in a world where there are spiritual powers in high places occupying men and woman, creating laws and principles for us to follow. Using the same authority we see Adam use here in the beginning. The only one that spoke to Eve as flesh of his flesh is somehow now absent without words while a “serpent” is speaking to her although the scriptures say he was “present” with her. It is very hard for people to accept that maybe the serpent was Adam. Which shows a lack of understanding that we believe an animal can speak to a person rather than the word serpent being used to characterize a person you trusted to give you truth and they did the unexpected and lied to you. Adam created the marriage and then dishonored it by presenting her information opposite of what God spoke to him. What other way would you describe him if you were Eve other than a snake or serpent that deceived her. God gave rules over this union so that it would be done to honor him as the first one Adam and Eve did not. Notice their punishments from this. Seed against seed, pain of childbirth, bruising of the heel, submitted rule over by one another, all these things are the present, past and, future sorrows of the world yet he did not command them to part from each other as their sins were done together. You will see that the only time God says marriage can part is when a sin is committed apart from the one you have joined with. Which is why he hates divorce because it means that has taken place.Christ revealed this to us and let us know who Satan was. He is a spirit that operates outside of Gods Holy will. This is why he called a disciple Satan and for him to get behind him when he spoke against what Christ was to do according to Gods will. The original fall we see from a man that walked with God and had curses put on him as well as getting kicked out of a place was Adam and Eve. Then you hear of the story of Satan being kicked out of heaven. The stories of both actually coincide. Christ said your Father was a liar from the beginning to those that claimed that they knew the Father.Also you hear people say Satan wanted to be like God and you read that the serpent said to Eve; God knows if you eat the fruit you will be like him having knowledge of good and evil. Yet you see it is written God said this once he gave the curses to Adam and Eve. the LORD God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever. We cannot read that Satan wanted to be like God and then also read that Satan told Eve God knows you will be like him if you eat of the fruit then disregard that Eve and Adam ate of it hoping to not be like God.If this doesn’t make sense think of it this way. If I hope to be a police officer and a recruiter tells me I must go to the academy and take tests to be considered. So I go to the academy and take the test it should be understood that my desire is to be a police officer. With that we should understand that Adam and Eve ate the fruit based off of the information they were provided that would come from that choice. The FALL OF MAN IS THE FALL OF SATAN. It is time to stop separating the two so that we may truly receive the truth about our existence. The lie is that you can be like God having this knowledge and live forever. The ones that ate sought this knowledge to be like God so if Satan wanted to be like God the Bible is telling you who Satan is. The ones that ate the fruit. Our decision to think about our own will above God is evil just as Christ came to help us be free from this deception that the spirit of evil has power over you. We had the authority from the beginning over all things. Yet we forgot who was God above all because we were too busy creating what our design was on earth and started seeing ourselves as God. Listen to preachers speak. It is a my ministry form of speaking , my church building, it is written that when David spoke of the temple to be built as his temple he was corrected by the prophet Samuel. It is God’s temple. This is the confusion today and is why it is easy for these men to grow their ministries off of money hungry motives without any thought of God. For it is written that you cannot serve two masters. You will cling to one and grow to hate the other. No one can tell me these men do not hate God as what God speaks is in direct conflict with the growth of their financial goals.This is important to get so that our thoughts and our minds are truly submitted to the Fathers ways or we will continue to consider how we feel or whats best for us in response to life instead of what he says. If its easier to see Satan as a serpent or spirit rather than a way of living and thinking then maybe its because those things feel and sound not real to us and our mind has an easier time brushing it off that way. But if we see him as truly what he is we will see ourselves and that is terrifying yet its exactly where we are told to begin examining. Ourselves!Examining oneself will coincide with you examining Satan. As we are the ones that sin. We think pridefully. We judge and condemn. Don’t you know it is written that Satan is the accuser? Christ came so that we might know the Father and that we might be saved from the mentality of Satan. That tree of life was extended back to us when we were cursed from getting it. That tree is knowledge of him as he is life. The tree you see in the world that has been here is the knowledge of good and evil. Listen to your media, music, even listen to your conversations at work. There is constant talk of who did this and who did that. Who is a bad person , who is a good person. We judge people everyday because our sinful existence comes from an original wisdom we gained from learning the knowledge of good and evil. So we naturally think we can speak on it. We think we can assess it. We think from our own wisdom that we can recognize who is who.Notice God judges the heart. We are incapable of judging a persons heart we only know what we see and hear. Just like in the beginning when our eyes were open. Meaning all our senses became our reality, our truth. We are in the year 2020 and we see people say that their truth is all that matters. What is true and your truth can be different but not for me. Even if it’s the word of God you hear people say well that’s not my truth. Is there anything more deceived than hearing God’s word and responding with its not my truth??! How can we get to that place unless we feel we are GODS?!! How would we even know a truth unless we knew there was a truth prior to apply a different one. Our wisdom is actually our downfall. The Heavenly Father is in fact interested in your soul. There is no marriage in heaven to a person on earth therefore it is a creation of humans in their wisdom. Which is why you see humans deciding to create what they want to be marriage now. A lot of people think God created marriage but the BIBLE says God created man and woman. The argument that same sex marriage isn’t biblical because God created it to be man and woman is true but the attack isn’t on marriage. The attack is on something far greater than what was created by Adam in is choice to take woman in that manner. The attack is on what comes from that union. Children, holiness, submission to God’s ways and truth. The diversion on marriage is the intent so that those things from God will be dismissed. God makes no mistakes. Woman to be the help mate to man. Also notice the suitable help mate he chose was woman and not another man nor did he create woman first and then a help mate for her that was woman. But that’s another topic for another day. The purpose of this is to inform all to use Godly wisdom before making this decision to marry. Basically he is showing us that you mess up in your marriage then you will have consequences that will make it very difficult, but this is to still bring you to humility to put him first and not your spouse. God did not create you to be a husband or a wife or a parent. You were created first to be in his image possessing all the fruits of the Spirit. If your marriage does not reflect this image then please understand he is not in it, for him in it is the reflection of it having these fruits. We are lied to so often to believe God is working in what does not reflect him. Really? Why isn’t this blasphemy? You may as well say he doesn’t mind sin as sin is apart of his work. No he in fact does not recognize sin with him, or a part of him or having any understanding of him. No he is not in that, but in fact he is willing to use it if you turn from it as proof to others they can be free to bring glory to him and free you from all that you are making more important than him. Do you believe you can idolize a marriage?? Of course you can, Adam did. Eve did.

We can see they operated together in sin in spite of truth. In fact some people want you to idolize them so that you are their source of confidence. Be careful , many are seeking others to be their God without knowledge of doing so. Masking it with I love you. I need you. You make me. If it wasn’t for you type statements. You complete me. These are reflections of idolizations. No, The Father does not want you in that. You must honor your choices though if it be a covenant ,but you must also turn from your sins. So what if you get married to a person that doesn’t love God or even care to come to him or rejects him and you are actually seeking him??Well then you have been abandoned spiritually if this happens, If this takes place after the marriage has existed then you should leave if that person is not able to abide with you as you are responsible for focusing on your relationship with God. This is why if you are abandoned you are granted right to leave the marriage as you have to answer for you. The claim they made it hard for me to seek you God is not acceptable as that statement shows your idolization of them. You were granted the right to leave if abandoned. This does not mean to not truly love that person and be peaceful and also not having any ill intent towards them. In fact it means to do exactly that as that is apart of walking with God, but also it means to love your Father in heaven above your love for that marriage as your marriage does not come before God. Now if this was the case prior then you chose to not put God as a priority in my your life so the person that is to be one with you should have that priority as well. The consequence is real and very very difficult. We all answer for ourselves. So if you choose to stay in a marriage that has a disconnect from God you must ask yourself am I going to choose to represent God in a Holy manner while this person does not? If you cant answer that you will do more harm to them claiming the faith while not living it then if you left. Be honest with yourself we mask many things behind the- I want to honor my marriage statement , such as staying for the kids, security, comfort of life (even if its uncomfortable) the fear of change, just to list some.

Truly honoring your marriage is loving the person and respecting them. Being transparent in all you do so that there is not even a hint of deception. That’s honor. You don’t honor God by staying in a marriage that doesn’t honor him. I cannot say that enough! You are not honoring God by staying in a marriage that does not honor him. Again you are not honoring God by staying in a marriage that does not honor him. So if you are staying honor your spouse even if they are a non believer. This is your cross to bare. Pride of life will scream to leave but remember your choice was made to honor God in the marriage first. You do that by honoring your spouse with the fruits of the Spirit. We rage out against the homosexual community for dishonoring this covenant by applying it to themselves and it is an actual shame that what God agreed to allow is used to defile him by creating our own original idea of what is able to come together as one. But also the heterosexual married couple is in fact doing the same thing by claiming to become one under his sight while not equally yoked together.

I hope this is understood as I believe this has been a word needed to be heard. Listen these are the things you must reflect on prior to marriage because if this person does not commit adultery or abandon you , you are to biblically stay in that marriage. Honoring that marriage with the fruits of the Spirit should be done regardless. This is a very difficult understanding which is why Christ said what God hath brought together let no man separate as man and woman are to be one. If you are not operating as one it will be very challenging. Marriage is to be viewed as an ultimate commitment and should be viewed with a complete understanding of its difficulties and consequences if chosen. Much of marriage should be viewed with the eye of am I prepared to keep my eye on Christ if this person chooses not to? Not I hope they do right and I’m happy. Or God save my marriage if they fall. If you stay in a marriage after your spouse has committed adultery and you do not forgive you are commiting a sin of unforgiveness. Therefore you are creating a separation of yourself from God just as the person that fornicated. It be better you leave with the approval God gave you to leave than to separate yourself from God by living in unforgiveness. God sees sin as sin. If you stay then the objective is to get yourself back in line with God not choose to live in your hurt. Just as the person that committed this fornication must STOP that behavior and repent to be truly saved and with God ,so must the one that does not forgive but chooses to stay and depend on time to heal which is not promised to any of us. God would never tell you to take some time to do what he commands today. Christ said be quick to forgive not take some time to ponder the hurt and hopefully get to a place that you don’t think of it as much and then say I forgive you. The word says to think nothing of tomorrow as it has enough evil for itself already. So anyone that says it takes time to do anything God has called us to do is playing with the gospel and using it to cater to their own comfort or desire to justify their emotions. This is a hard teaching to receive because it challenges the fleshly emotion of hurt done to a person. Thank you Lord we never heard Christ say to God, forgive them at some point Father for they know what they do but need time to figure it out from your perspective.

Now a little background on me. This post is from a man that has slept with wives of other men in his past …Also from a man that cheated on his wife 2 years ago. A man that thought he knew God. A man that spoke well of God and could creatively articulate his words to others and encourage others. I was all those men in one. Yet also a deceiver a lustful man, a liar, a fearful man, a very luke warm and easily entertained man by the world on top of that. Completely lost. So my perspective isn’t one that I relish in but one that I am thankful to know God from truly now. As if he would die for a man that lived in all that, if he would want me to understand my true created purpose instead of that, then surely it should be clear that his love is the only true love here. Truth is love. It doesn’t matter if that truth hurts. Love will give it because it cares for you. It cares about your true life. Life spiritually. This world has deceived many to think true love is ignoring God for what caters to my own wants and desires. It has dressed up wants and desires as things to aspire to get rather than submit to God. How is it we not understand? Who told us our lives were our own? Since when did the year and generation you were born dictate what God says?Is it not written that he is the same today ,yesterday, and tomorrow? We reject that notion all while trying to keep the others he represents such as honesty, commitment, love. It is deception. Its like the homosexual saying that lifestyle isn’t sin but incapable of telling me what other lifestyle in the bible isn’t. Surely no one is claiming liars, murderers, and cheaters aren’t sins but are choosing the one that aligns with themselves as not because it caters to their own desire.

I am truly sorry that I have ever lied, stolen, cheated , deceived, misrepresented the Faith in Christ ,lost my temper ,cursed ,prayed evil prayers ever in this life. Until I could truly repent from that. Looking at another woman sexually , talking deceitfully, lieing and also playing Christian came easy. Now there is a requirement. Because I have been given understanding. Just like marriage comes with a requirement. Not just for the lost in marriage but those claiming to be his. That requirement is to take your hurts , your confusion , your anger, your disappointment in your choice to marry that person, your fear, and anything like those mentioned and stay his. But honestly most weren’t his to begin with so he is using all that to get your attention. To simply say where do you put me in your life? What things do you have me behind? What do you choose to leave me out of? True humility is honesty with oneself. Its why you see that is pride required to truly go overboard and reject God and his word. Because it refuses to examine oneself in his truth. It would rather create its own truth to examine easier. Man continues to create more than buildings or technology. More importantly it is creating mentalities. Notice what the scripture says we battle against. Powers and principalities in high places that are wicked evil spirits. Those spirits operate in high places of power that create principalities here on earth. Do not be deceived. What you see as popular as lifestyles or behaviors have all been created by those powers. Remember the world hates Christ so whatever it loves you should know it to be from them.

This life was never about oneself. My feelings , emotions, desires, hopes and dreams. All this worldly deception created as the norm and right. All just to remove the God that is that he is. A very wise man named Solomon said all is vanity. All?? Yes all. For everything is simply a creation from us to make it the focal point instead of The Father. Makes sense to see why we needed saving. Our very beginning was all about what I see , what I feel, and what I want is now my perspective above who was always to be the focal point. Do not make your marriage , a person , any form of entertainment, a career or an item the focal point of your life. Take it from the hypocrite , the cheater, the liar, the low life , the insecure, the fearful, the profane, lustful, deceiving ,self righteous, counterfeit Christian I was but now simply the man that wrote this. An unworthy servant doing what’s required. The one that sees and hears that evil looking to see if I will agree with it or rebuke it. Remember repentance is done in secret first. From within. For it seeks no approval from men or women. What God sees done in your private place he will bless outwordly. So let him do his perfect work in you especially if no one is willing to see it. They will see something of God in you different. Concern yourself not with if they wish to receive you as you have been received and approved by the most high God. Live with peace in that this truth doesn’t require approval from the world. The world hates Christ so stop listening to preachers tell you this life with Christ promises you a life of worldly blessings. How hard it is to see what happen to Christ and his followers? What kind of God do you take the creator as to think he wanted his son tortured and his true believers killed so you could pray for a new car, career, house, clothes?? Or use his reaping and sowing law as one to manipulate increase of money for yourself?

We listen to such blasphemous teachings that insult God while solely focusing on how that teaching helps us in this life attain the things of this world. It serves as proof we aren’t reading his word in our personal time for true understanding. This promise Christ spoke of was heavenly blessings. The fruits of the spirit. Seek what they are. They are listed in his word. Does any of them speak of things in this world? No they speak to what no man can take from you. What no natural disaster can destroy. They are what will stay with you even after the flesh perishes. Remember whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth you shall loose in heaven. Surely you know you cannot bind any physical possession with you to take to heaven so any teaching about these things are designed to kill you spiritually. Be of courage and strength brothers and sisters. We are currently in very very trying times and the fire of God has come to separate those true to him and those that want comfort here where evil dwells. Choose today whom you will serve.

May the peace of Christ be with us all.


Published by Proverb

Born and raised in Portsmouth Virginia. The youngest of 3 sons begin writing at age 29 after seeing his life become much of nothing through violations of license operations and mariquana, but also indulging in fornication and lies. Returning to his upbringing of faith in Christ it inspired not only his writing but his life. A faithful father and spiritually inclined thinker gave a different perspective of followers of Christ. Not only for those that are of the Christian faith but all for the belief that we are all his children "IF" we choose to be in belief in his son Jesus. IF we obey his words we display our love truly for him. This message is open to everyone that seeks it and if they do with all their heart they shall find it.

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