Rise in truth

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Is there someone able to present an option that exists outside of life and death?

All this wisdom floating around with vain perspectives. Christ isn’t real or the Bible isn’t relevant or its outdated. All religions are the same. The purpose of life is to have peace with people and that peace should okay sin. Sin isn’t relevant to homosexuality. Its about love. Find your inner peace with meditation. This and many more worldly wisdoms are in active pursuit of souls currently. Many are flocking to these perspectives with the assurance they are truth. This is very sorrowful to watch unfold but was expected as I believe exactly what the Bible says of this world. It predicted it all.

Jesus was sent to bring the knowledge of True Life. When we disapprove of the Life he came to show, our option we choose is simply death. For the value of this flesh life is above anything else in that persons heart. So they shall perish with it. Jesus never told you to have a feeling about him or worship him. Read and find the truth about Christ. Those that claim they feel him and claim that’s why they believe are not understanding Christ message. His message from God was simply this; abandon what you know as your normal. Accept that what you know is evil and sinful. Then and only then can you even begin to understand. Your feelings and emotions are what deceive you. They guide our existence. It is why a personal experience is now considered their truth in this generation. For the experience itself is enough to be considered all that matters as it resides with emotions and feelings. It is served as truth which means it is the god we serve within ourselves.

These emotions and feelings align with our experiences and they give birth to a knowledge that seems right but in the end is death. Whether a person claims to be emotional or not it is emotion that directs the perspective. People go to church and form their views of God from how people handled themselves there, or how the church was run. So who is God to them? It must have been an experience that gave birth to an emotion that now directs their perspective. This is vain and idolatry. It is not following Christ. It’s following others. Following Christ is not for the weak or the undisciplined. This is a personal walk that humbly says my life is not my own. I don’t have the knowledge within myself to understand righteousness. Only God can give me that. The issue is pride. The idea that we are not equipped with the ability to love the right way is offensive to people. But we aren’t. We aren’t even capable of doing the genuine noble thing that doesn’t consider ourselves without The Holy Spirit.

Understand Christ came to present the truth that everything you know, from your vain knowledge, or your vain attempts to advance in this life, or your thinking that you are here for yourself is all wicked. All these things are glorified here on earth as good and necessary. So whether a church ,or a church member or a professing follower of Christ acted differently than what the Bible says….its irrelevant to you because you don’t follow them. They are not your savior or your judge or your example. Christ is.

Now the idea that Christ Jesus(Yeshua) never existed is another barrier that keeps many away. We as African Americans understand we were brought here against our own will. Those that did this presented a false Christianity that revolves itself around control and vain advancement. So now those ready to rebel against this choose to discredit Christ just as those Europeans did in their false presentation of him. So who are you following? Are you looking to follow the true teachings of Christ or using your emotions and feelings to direct your perspective in your life. Wisdom would tell you, why would these men and woman present something to me for control and falsify it unless its truth was something that freed me mentally. If Jesus was false there would be no need to alter his words or his teachings to dishonor you. Christ is rejected and hated because this is a difficult teaching to receive as we cling to what we know and what we have been taught as true. Even in our current rejection of the powers that have treated the African American so harshly. We are still clinging to our own vain knowledge to do this just as they did in their own way with the power they had. Same evil ,different platform.

So the cleverness of evil within says , I will take my circumstances and experiences and create my own truth. Now we have a vain knowledge movement angry at the caucassion’s for presenting a false Jesus to you so intern you still give it power by rejecting the true Christ. Not even wanting to seek him for yourself because you say in your heart the way they have showed me Jesus was the only way. So you still show they have power over you. Instead of indoctrinating yourself on what others are doing or presenting, truly show your independence by exercising knowledge for yourself in Christ.

Humble yourself and ask for faith. Then if your heart be true you will read for yourself to understand better, you will seek to die in this flesh mentally and rise with a new understanding so you may receive The Holy Spirit. That will help your thinking but until then you will simply be another person walking around thinking you are wise and yet are foolish. Departing away from the false Christianity is important, but yet you aren’t seeking the true Christ. You expose who really your God is!

Lastly what evil in this world would tell you to depart from its ways ,its necessities? When everything in it says be like this ,do this, accomplish this to be successful. These ways of life are okay ,contrary to what the bible says. The world did not write a book that rejects itself. Be not deceived. The very God it hates and his son are the authors in spirit to the men that wrote this book. When you find the true Christ you find he actually came to tell us the same thing about the church. But you wouldn’t know that because you reject the word for yourself and leave it to others to disapprove what was already within your heart.

What if the best person you can be in this world is a wicked one? We are living in the days where that person is called good, and the person seeking and following Christ is called wicked. This is because of their rejection of the evil the world calls good. We believe what God says to be true! We trust in Christ and think not highly of ourselves as we have been shown our true selves and reject the old man as he was evil. Now we live in peace that the new man God has put in us is not in desire of evil.

This worlds logic only applies to what they feel. Everyone’s values should align with what they claim, yet those values come from the word of God. So ultimately all you are left with is a bunch of do good talk and maximize your potential of increase in whatever you do over and over again. Vain pointless nothings that you cant take with you when you leave this earth. So what other options are here but life and death??!

Let the true followers of Christ message rise up in these last days. As none of us know when our last day is.


Published by Proverb

Born and raised in Portsmouth Virginia. The youngest of 3 sons begin writing at age 29 after seeing his life become much of nothing through violations of license operations and mariquana, but also indulging in fornication and lies. Returning to his upbringing of faith in Christ it inspired not only his writing but his life. A faithful father and spiritually inclined thinker gave a different perspective of followers of Christ. Not only for those that are of the Christian faith but all for the belief that we are all his children "IF" we choose to be in belief in his son Jesus. IF we obey his words we display our love truly for him. This message is open to everyone that seeks it and if they do with all their heart they shall find it.

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