Love your neighbor

There is an overwhelmingly powerful movement happening from those desiring to prove their descendance as Hebrews or Israelites. There is also a movement amongst the African American community that is rejecting Jesus Christ and the word of God. This is being done by many African Americans in a way to reject the European descendants. TheContinue reading “Love your neighbor”

Culture of Darkness

My Lord how the doctrines of devils have deceived the world. Love will always be the answer. How can anyone African American talk about culture? What culture? Music or the desire to attain financial wealth?! The pride in flashing anything materialistic you gain? Glorifying all this. That’s your culture. The culture of this generation. NowContinue reading “Culture of Darkness”

The forbidden fruit of self

The title, the verse, the quote. Seems pretty self-explanatory, yet it is the very thing that stumbles us all. Or at-least has at some point. Every individual from biblical times to the current state of the world has experienced this. It is the very foundation Satan uses. It’s probably because it has worked most successfullyContinue reading “The forbidden fruit of self”