Wheresoever there is a want for conflict it shall be found. Along with that discovery of a predetermined want shall be distress. If even a sociopath without emotional feeling or comprehension he is still the subject of anxiety behind closed doors. So when doors open for success your stress is focused on the locks that do not exist. Now there are many people of good hearts in the world. Unfortunately bad intentions from people with bad hearts place anger and frustration amongst the ladder and transform them into exactly the before spoken. Too many words spoken-uttered by mouths that do not operate with the mind, also tons of voices that do. That say exactly whats thought. Noone knows the thoughts daily by others so to base your opinions on character by the voices of others shows your character. Never judge anyone not even their actions. For it is not your purpose or job. Too many people applying without any experience yet experienced in applying judgments to those whom seek no benefit on your behalf. Over 401 thousand reasons to place blame on your past interactions and not 1 saved to your own personal decisions. Broke without fixing values, easy to manipulate fools who give you time overtime to create stories. Yet eventually your contacts list is full of empty calls to log. Just memories of who use to talk. Who use to listen. Now lonely is less that you feel more of.  Now every one is your enemy. Silence now replaces what was full of negativity. So positive where you sought conflict has now departed to new everythings. Do not seek to replace the anger with depression for it always was there. Seek Christ as your savior from a past that molded this present.


Truth is enough

Valuing Christ as he is intended to be by the Father is blurred by anger and confusion. Shock by what evil has created. For the Devil is a liar. Not God not Christ!! So why would your anger towards these evils done be toward either because evil has learned to use Christ as its crutch to do so. Oh heavenly father this generation is but intelligently lost with their understandings and logics. Increasing knowledge of things factually based on the evils done yet used as a tool to discredit the Holy word. How much is true if the truth is not enough?? What is saught after the truth if or unless that truth is unsatisfactory to your mentality? Do we ask whats next after solving a math equation? Or after we count again decide our fingers are off set? If 1 was found to be truly 0 the explanation behind it would still intrigue enough to atleast listen. Which shows any logic not true can capture the minds for even a second, and thats usually all the devil needs. A seed planted in a field of bad soil shall bring forth bad crops and if the seed is bad in good grounds the same result shall take place, or not bring forth anything. Pride, arrogance, selfishness, anger, hypocrisy, ignorance, foolishness, greed, are all bad seeds/ Lies, deceit, manipulation, corruption, vanity, and knowledge of these are all bad grounds. Sow these seeds into these grounds and your fruits may look good to the world, but shall burn in time of judgment. Give because your heart says give. Receive not of gifts for joy, but give joyfully because you have no intent to receive. Strip all you can from what your flesh says yes to. To eat , to clothe to drink is all necessary yes. Yet you can over eat , value food, and create unhealthy living. You can lust after alcohol and ruin your judgment, and you can be consumed with the finer linens and become superficial. All of these basic fundamental things in life can be manipulated and placed in their wrongful place. So value none and think not of them. For the father already knows of their importance so seek him. It is written all shall be added unto you. If that isnt enough to bring you than what you seek is simply not of him but of yourself.



Better to not speak

It is better to not speak than to utter conflict. Causes issues to become worst than before. Noone wins and no one is able to see the purpose behind screams, yelling, cursing, even anger. All attributes of a weak minded person. It takes effort to refrain from going off. While it takes nothing to open your mouth and give into what is bothering you. One requires no physical action but all mental refrain. The other requires all physical display and zero mental control. Listen to others as they show their anger and some shortly after apologize as if another person become of them. For they are right. It was. Yet that person is still within and has all the power to show themself. Apologies are like toiletpaper they get used to clean up the dirtiest of deeds just to be flushed and never remembered again. Like a hypocrite no one likes a often cryer or a unauthentic sorry person. An apology is good for once a year, not for every opportunity that your actions need cleaning up. Dont say your trying to change when your actions are the same. Dont claim the father is working on you when you have knowledge of your wrongs. Sounds like he has already done his part by revealing your wrongs to you. Free will shall never be taken away. Once you can see it, it is then time to begin to practice self control. Your actions are your heart not your words. So yes the father knows your heart and thats why he shall judge it. I pray that my personal self control matches that of the fathers will in my life. He has shown me that my past  is full of wickedness. So I cannot continue in the ways and claim hes working on me. NO!!! I need to work on me! He has done his part first off by sending his son to show the truth. To be sacrificed for sins before and after my time. For there is no knowledge of wisdom without that. Learning and studying past actions of corrupted leaders or ways of life to discourage a specific group through lies is not intended to bring you closer to Christ, but  push you further away. So your time to groom a relationship with him is invested in learning about the corruption that you already had knowledge existed before reading your letters or education on schemes and plans to keep you ignorant.

Ending of a beginning

My Lord is there any good left?? A separation for what seemed, because it has been just months  and it has transformed those of faith into those of senseless hope in flesh. My lord I pray for understanding yet I fear this comprehension is simply that there is no one to look to as an example. For there has never been other than your son our brother if we follow. I pray for this to be learned even more by me through realizing that we all are truly on the brink. The brink of realizing that our sins our actions are going to come up short. Standing tall in our things while being in Christ is shunned upon for it shows a perfections in us that shows a imperfection in the world. The world hates what is not of it. What is not corrupted for , how can any bond with being of sin, but we all are thats why we needed Christ people we will always fall. So look towards springing forward towards a better living spiritually. Boast on the truth that Christ is our saviour and nothing else. Live as honestly as you can for how hard of a explanation while to the Father to be involved in corruption while Christ appears. Is it too much to ask to not drink or smoke before church?? Is it truly too much to become the person that doesnt want to do those things?? My lord is there any good left? Any bit of good here on the earth. Anywhere?? Truthfully asking for answers to what seems impossible. The planet searches for a leader so who is seen as holy is but for you to see here. This is honestly the ending of a beginning and noone sees this, not family not friends not even myself some days. . Lord for 2014 feels like the ending of a beginning.

Thankful restart

New scenery that is exactly the one from before. Be thankful if the father places you back at a starting point. Rather than a new corrupted place for it displays your actions displaced what was intended. Second chances are for those who have messed up once. Im not eligible for that so this is called his unlimited Grace opportunity . Never ever doubt your father and don’t feel that his son wasnt truly your only chance in this life. When you recognize all you’ve done all you are doing , your heart has the true ability to allow the father in. Without its humility how can a person speak  to you wisely. Let alone our heavenly creator. There is a load of dirty minded people. That have no substance, or want for the truth the world has given them all of their desires. So whats left in their mind is to continue for more of what they a;ready have. He  who is driven by silver or gold shall never be satisfied by it. Your greed is a disease with a cure that greedy does not want ironically. Foolishly seeing the corruption , living a life of only what is seen and yet does not recognize the corruption. Yes Lord forgive us for we know not what we do. Unfortunately Christ, this generation of advanced vipers not only have knowledge of what they do, it relishes , promotes and is given wings to fly in all areas of the world. Knowledge does not equal wisdom!! We are not wise always to what us done in the grand stage of our souls performance. So thank you for your sacrifice and your mercy. For unlimited grace opportunities. Now to show appreciation I must get this right. Time doesnt go backwards or its back to the future. So thank you for placing me back to my starting point.

Answering answers

When the sun rises there are eyes all across the world with openings. Meanwhile some stay closed touching lids. Some will open soon, others shall stay in their current mode, and the beginning of the funeral process will proceed.  So with that said none of us, no not one can predict which one of us are on either list. So why put off today what is assumed a possible for a tomorrow. That is just hoped to be welcomed. Half of us dont wipe our feet before walking into someones home without directions first to do so. So how can any of us truly think we would wash the feet of anyone. Some parents dont even wash their children. Some mothers dont show their daughters how to wipe or to be prepared for their monthly occurance that will greet them and, some dads dont , well most dont explain to their sons the importance of abstinence and will partner that with no info on how to put on a condom. Basic confusion runs this globe yet denial of Christ is viewed as a mental intell of thinking logically. Well…Ignorance spoken and believed by millions shall be seen as the opposite. So whose to tell. Seeing as though hindsight is the best vision. Just imagine if your current never hindered your decisions. Not worrying about mistakes for they are promised but a good heart limits the possibilities of conflict, and a rotten one seeks it. To fullfill that bitter soul that claims its sweet. Anger is and always will be a partner of the devil . So just know the day shall come where your flesh wont awake to simply value a smile. JOy of laughter or to see your child grow as a positive individual. Nothing like seeing your adult child carry on with bad habits you passed down like the offering plate. Yet you know you snuffed the Lord to ensure your pack of cigarettes budget didnt come up short. What a bad feeling. But its appealing to those without spiritual sensing. So I sense this is touching mentals inappropriately like catholic priests. So figure your Pope like Vanity. While yes is the answer to your questioning.


You know its funny the visual of how the morning begins is identical to how the evening ends. Basic observations are intended to give simple grasps of basics. While many sit around forming new logics, new skits to express to others what they lack. Whats lacking is fundamentals and yet their expressions are formed around knowledge. This irony is stunning like a 21 yr old Brazilian dancer. Prancing on weak minded braniacs that respond with claps soon as the speaker has finished the renounce. I announce through loud speakers a calm speaker that engages the youth to alter their thinking. Deep down we all have thoughts, and we shall , so soon as you know why  you are able to no longer listen intentively to rambles of new logics new fundamentals or personal desentions. This isnt easy to get like being young black and seeking a home loan, but just like so , its chances are better than the stereotype exclaims. In order to catch well ..your ears need mitts for this cold truth. Better to freeze than to burn for a thick down cover can aleviate the weather, yet there is no escaping your skin, you take all your clothes off in St. Louis ,yet not even Nelly can teach you this grammer. Whether on a country farm or in a city slammer. All have need of this beneficial ramble. Shortly coming close to closing this voice off of the tune thats been chosen to partner along . It seemed identical to what was born so its my mirrored beat. So i repulse those who cant understand yet all I claim is Love so where do we begin.

Try Humble 5/29/13

Father bless my words. Bless my purpose. A purpose driven manually . With no purpose to afflict anyone ,but to convict the wrongsome. So that they may see wrong some day. Yet some wont ever get. Even while witnessing myself slip knowing I have to be 100%. Forget real  Im talking responsible . Yea Yea word keep it real. Feel scripture 1st then secondly meditate those parables into the brainwaves. For there shall come a time where the sun wont shine. So your bling wont mater. Bank accounts can show plenty of zero’s. Probably why its adding up to nothing when considering the grand scheme of things. One that is never lacking substance. Needs attention for the hour glass is half empty. Eye blinks with winks in skimpy clothing is the profile for temptation. Yes I had to learn patience. Among many others that continue as a struggle,yet humble. Hoping I will stumble?? Well I have. Hoping your hatred crumbles. Portraying good vibes. All this is to open up your brains eyes. Now visualize. The day the money the fame was truly realized as not being anything you ever visualized. Would trade it all just for a uninterrupted mall stroll . Without the confusion that you are just human. Lets try humble. Lord bless my words . Bless my purpose.


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