5/23/13 “GRACE”

GRACE For as much as we all hope for mornings in the morning. Like tossing pennies into ponds. The silliest ol folk tales have more strength or belief than the truth. Seems frustrating, irritating, comical  to believe  its reality. Yet guess whose the irritated. The nerve to be actually of an approach of tiresome from hearing the truth. Will line up for freedom. Not knowing our God has you free regardless your congress. Any rule or regulation, stipulation based on the residence of your occupation of where you stationed. So much want so many needs. All for things that only matter if the next man agrees. For Peace? Please no matter what generation I name you cant possibly tell me they have seen. Okay you say for the strive to get there which means its wherever the next man tells you its there first. All care. Even non believers or sociopaths that cant fathem a reason. Whose pleading? Grace despite the undeniable unimaginable truth. Grace to all as in leaving none out even those that wish to not be mentioned at all . Its not up to you. See giving up whats not yours isnt a decision that will be seen as possible. Even when you realize your morning never depended on any penny you tossed or good you deed or how much wrong you’ve done that piles up to the sun. No apology no reasoning or smooth talking can get any out of the mindframe that is understanding his Grace. Yet like all things it all comes to an end and all you give and gave in past tense or was just the receiver of all has his grace involved. Til mornings no longer are seen and you cant get that penny out the pond. Be thankful for his Grace for it is everything.



Redirect signal toward signs of wisdom. Signs of wisdom towards redirected signals. Plenty have spoken few have listened . Though few can seem like plenty. All are important . For we all are his children. Your life may have description, yet all have the option. Will of the free. Home of the world. Land of the destined. Predestined for whatever your decisions decide. Reside in lands of different tongues. With all speaking one language all can understand. So translating forces the translucent to come clean like new lenses to see /…don’t blink

Okay miss in the drama that reeks of confusion lies its mystique. Smells like aroma gifted to the sewer. Yet worn of the garment of the consumer. Signals saying walk with incoming traffic. Pedestrians screaming this signals a genius. Creative new ground breaking even. So earthquakes just mirror that destructive thinking. Offering up a thoughtful spanking while redirecting signals of wisdom.

To be continued….


There was a time I forgot my actions. A time my actions to live with my ….


The only way possible to smile. Even though smile was drawn. Not from emotion of joy. Walk around with jokes to bring others emotions. Yet mine were corrupted. Sleepless nights brought mornings of anger. For by evening brought another day of wrongsome. Living in fear of everyones fate. Felt as redundant as speaking to hate. Offer myself no joy in smiles. For smiles are drawn, and can be erased the same. Prayed for a new heart. For  before I prayed for keeping me. In a routine I would without any sincerity. Without question no true clue of the Love or understanding of the Grace. With thoughts only applied to the comprehension of actions committed and those committed to me vanity ruled my endless dreams. Til light came and shinned on my dark room giving me the passage to see through. All I can do is offer a magnification to any that will hear me of the true understanding of how no matter how you are or how you have been the sacrifice has already been given. So focused thinking about past decisions or others is not intended, but faith in that sacrifice is for if you gave your child to bare the wrongs of others it would be unimaginable!! Plenty skeptics on everything that is anything , but I say this isnt about a thing. Yet a human and a father. Who shall be brother from same father. If the mind sees clearly. Seeking depths of intelligence in directions of falsehood shall surely welcome you with all you seek. With that said so shall the Lord without any false found.


Prayer on Prayer day and evening. Seeking salvation that’s already been given. Already set for me. Endless thank you’s cant come close to express the true gratitude needed to express that emotion. So slowly I offer I pray the right words for my Lord to hear. For fear of the father is always understood for wrong Ive done. So wrong is done. Let ears that hear with the faintist sound . Any whisper or echo from far or beyond. The clarity of my faith. With a resounding roar, that mirrors a lions inside of a hallow cave. For I learn to praise for I learn to stay seeing like 4 dimes paired in two’s …To get the proper lesson being brought. Yes prayer on Prayer evening and day. Any time before or in between is designated solely for the souls life bearing. Life bearing trials to be convicted of just cause. That ends however it may however his will . For its ending it causes no worry for as long as the journey has been won. Yes Prayer on Prayer even in day and night . With eyes closed like sleep but talking involved with personal convo involved like the interior of a diary . I read whats on my heart my needs he knows speak with the clearance of a child. To his fathers throne. Ask for what can only be brought without cash. Then move on to a college of thank’s. Hmm.. yes prayer on prayer on days on seconds on weeks that are weak on months that are bleak and years that peak. Never ever never say that prayer on prayer cant help your week cant help you speak or move your fear. For prayer on prayer has helped my days mended my months and strengthened my seconds to count my years. With prayer I say thank you and seek better ways to speak.


Feel dis

They say precision is personified by the person. So allow me to personalize my message for the people. If all is to get and getting get to going then gladly I accept the gift of moving forward. Understanding what is but more important whats not. So people with all backgrounds he is your screensaver! Feel speak about knowing it but know first. Then only then secondly come as you are. Dont mean that metaphorically Im more literal.

Reckless decision making created tragic results, resulting in results of tragedy. I know I was wrong and thats what made it worst. Worsen by the appearance of failure by those who loved me most . So even still with that dose I elected the official of a proper approach. All that I was means am isnt now ha new lingo. Yet all those that knew him cant get to know the new him now. Reckless drugged nights with single or joined woman Never once dismissed them with no reason …

Pop I learned more because you werent there yet what I would have learned if you were will always never be more than the word of God so rest peacefully .. Your baby boy is good.



Although physical health does serve a purpose. None bigger than your relationship with the Father. It is and will always be my focus that remains. Plenty around to try my focus for it seems the target is needed. Yet I am blessed by the Lord, and loved and for that always and forever thankful. My patience is being altered ,my tounge is being cleansed but neither are being given to me without self discipline. Needing the strength to put forth the effort, is whats been given. The Father has blessed me with two jobs a career I will have to work hard at. The mothers of my children seem content with things. Whether its weekend time alone after a week of no bonding. Yet I have no anger and frustration . I have to hold strong for myself and display how real God is as he uses me as a billboard. Even my mother tries me at times. To see if my attitude will remain respectful. All these things show me that God is working in me and the devil has taken notice. Bless me oh Lord. Thank you for your son Yeshua. Thank you Yeshua for the ultimate price paid for our sins. Grace keeps me. I shall pray to stay humble. As I anticipate blessings in new forms .. Yet I just pray God blesses me however he sees fit for it to form. However his will shall be. Keep me Lord through it all for all my faith remains forever in you! Facebook seems to be where people post their faith yet I pray their lives resemble and match it. For instead of posting about it I try and continue to live by it. I know I cannot bribe God with purposeless propaganda here on earth, but with good deeds and faith I shall remain working on and towards those. For the Holy Bible says so. It is written so it shall be. Always and forever. Thank you Lord keep me…baptise me



With the feelings of dispair in me I pray for strength. My mind slipping back into the feelings of neglect towards right yet wrong is not on my agenda. Seeing how easy it is to fall into the way of the devil. Needing baptism now after having spiritual revelation with the Lord. Phase 2 is needing the rebirth through water. Understanding this transformation is not complete. I urgently look forward to my water birth with the Lord. Being able to recognize myself slip and immediately follow it up with true prayer for strength brings me peace. For I know he Loves me and I know his son died for me. It will always mean that’s my brother since we have the same father. It will always comfort me to have faith in his forgiveness for it is eternal paradise. I shall not backslide easier said then done try easiest typed than written. I pray for strength in abundance! The Lord has blessed me with a new career. Through him I shall be successful. Only through him shall I walk always. Understand I shall continue to grow in my relationship with my Lord God through his word The Holy Bible to make sure the letters in red are the ones studied first and foremost. The lay for understanding for his children …Thank you Father for everything! I believe through you without any doubt. I will have glory and peace for eternity . Understanding I have a lot of growing to do, I look forward to a birth through water. For it is needed badly! My life will never go back to a life of sin ever through Yeshua. For it is washed clean get it now.  So the process shall be continued  forever and ever. I will put him !st and all my goals shall be put there for me for my children’s future if it is his will. All things be through his will always. Guide me Lord as I walk without fear. For your Love as is the most powerful. Continue to grow I say to myself . Learn peace and real love. Though my face shows no peace. Patience is what I seek my God shall always love me and hears my prayers. I have no worries yet need consistent reminders . Need my water birth! Baptize me Lord from the dispair.

That Moment


Every single person to ever live has had them. Having confusion or frustration rule at that time. Or having love and peace mixed with joy dictate it. Nonetheless all have had the moments. Whether in grade school or old and gray. The moments are what all of us cherish. You never know when its coming or what it is other than its a moment you’ll never forget. Could freak out the loaner at heart or the one living with fear. Although that would surely take that moment intended to alter all of you for the better and turn it into your own moment that doesn’t include them. How bad would that be?? Very to say the least. So instead of altering what moments you know not to come to cherish the one and the ones that have displayed themselves submit to it.  For every moment in the current is intended by the Father to be in the current. The moment this is realized then the moment that’s realized shows one that was born to share your air and it will be a moment like none other. Tough moments show character so easy moments show actions. Both are intended to make future moments better for me and you and any extensions of us both. Thanking my Heavenly Father for your own personal existence and the fact he allowed there to be our existence through it. Every past decision and every current one made by us both in our own personal moments before each other and during all has a single moment attached to it. The one that exists and was created for us to find each other.
Trust every moment for the moments come and go for everyone and only a few can rest knowing that those moments were shared with exactly who it was intended to be shared with.
To My-Marie(Kitty)

Love Philip

Peace Love Wisdom


Feel dis

Tools stolen from Christ words

Yet mocked while praising another

Through Christ is the only way to the Father. No matter what you are told much to do about this life is to make your’s more comfortable. Yet truth is your life here is to find truth in Christ which gives you eternal life …period. No one survives this life. We all perish with the flesh we have been given. Christ and you fear nothing but God. Not death not bullies, not hunger , not pain, not disease, not woman or men, nor money or lack there of or any earthly thing or wants or insecurities. All these things lead to what we see on tv or hear on radio. All lead back to your basic foundation or lack there of in Christ. Without him the possibilities of wickedness are endless!! Yet unfortunately those that claim to be within him are even more wicked. For better is he that lives without truth and commits wickedness than the one with it that still does. Awkward enjoyments rule the landscape and continue to entertain while Guiness world records are help with pride as though anything is a art form. Foolish and blind. Through  music that has no substance but only to corrupt the youth with messages about fast glory and quick success of the lavish things that serve no truth or true value when compared to your souls worth. The youth attacked and there be noreason to try as hard when they grow older says Satan!! Lay the foundation and the rest falls into place I see. Not using new tools to attack but the same for they work on every generation. A battle to take back the kids is needed, but of course they are the hardest to connect with for their flesh is eager to experience it all. I mean then again Yolo right!! Yea right you only live once so do as much wicked grime as possible while you here. Lies! Makes alot of nonsense about much as fashion claims to be , or the irony of the word HATER. Tried burying the word Nigger but try even harder to bury the mindstate. Clever but to overcome hate is to love of course but that message just lacks something very important. You can overcome hate with so called love for each other if that is directed only to those who share common with your love. Your love is blinded by the truth you have passed down in the name of God. LOVE comes through Christ. Your religion your faith . What grounds does it stand on?? What day does it stand by? Denial of Christ and as much wise talk that can be mustard doesnt stop or slow down the words of Christ. Christians cant see that Muslims view your religion as the corrupted Roman Catholic systematic structure of lies intended to keep you viewing the world around you as the enemy. The enemy has placed its fangs into you so that the poison feels real. Scary to hear out the truth for it sounds evil when Christ spoke against your structure.  Muslims are brothers and sisters so that should make your God your Father just as Christ said. We all operate under a need of structure with our faiths yet all that is needed is Peace Love and Wisdom.

Feel dat


Feel dis

May the lord God have mercy for the followers know not but believe Peace and progress is the way because of a people treated unfairly by people who don’t own the land. Which has prompted a new people to rise with views of vanity as its only way understanding. Love though through Christ is the only way. I do not fear these time after now knowing the truth. The devil seeks my dreams and daughters with sick wickedness. It is a battle already won by the Father and I shall continue to follow his sons way for it is the only way. My mother I pray has understanding that her anger is being used to keep her in the place of darkness for where there is anger there is no love. I love her and regret my disrespects of the past for my anger towards her for her display of hatred for me and my brothers left us both without hope. At times yes for there was no father so for without true love it was bound to be a day that we sought out any love possible. Without guidance of the word to direct our paths. The world made men of boys and that meant the devil groomed us but I speak with great joy when I say I have disrobed that garment and shall forever wear the clothes of Yeshua. For I have seen my way as the way of Satan and am blessed to have given my soul to God and to follow his son to everlasting life/ Though sorrow for my brother fills me for I love him and have seen his path form and his road pathed I pray he finds his understanding to the truth I pray all do for I truly have special love for all now that I know the FATE.

Now sleep has become unimportant at times when I am awaken with thoughts and cold chills of clarity. Writing has become my new passion . For God has given me endless thoughts and endless expressions of how to express my feelings about these times ans my sudden arrival as who I was born to be through Christ. A moment of time can make or break your life. Take that moment and stretch it like elastic without any recoil. I say only to those who pride and arrogance about Christ is and beyond. To seek him I am not a clone of the world any longer but a simple proof that what is real is really happening. Any to disapprove is foolish and distant to understanding. There is nothing written in the Bible that is not showing itself true in front of everyone’s eyes. You see the scoffers at the word of God and his son Christ. You see the the rich so comfortable that the feel no need for him. Put it to test. I have spoke his name and watch them come out like roaches when light is shinned.