Midnight Love


Feel dis

Impatience never brought anything faster
Being fast never brought anything worth keeping
Keep pure thoughts and end your days with pleasant dreams
It seems diseased this way of life for plenty have gold plenty have fame
So why is it still those that seek them
No matter the generation
No matter the obvious signs there is born a new group to chase whats wrong
The flesh is not only weak it seems to be ignorant of whats obvious
Very clueless of wisdom when spoken for a catchy hook much to do about nothing holds attentions longer
Ears given to all to hear but to listen takes effort on the individual
Somehow the devil managed to make everyone believe his earthly advnancements of money and vanity has all in awe like you don’t blow it all and get old
If you live to see it
Yolo played out the mouth of artists painting pictures of no existence after this one
Hanging on and cherishing whats promised destruction
That’s about as sensible as one lacking senses
So present this to the masses and watch the reactions
Suddenly coexisting with others is what’s in /yet Christ said judge no one
So now we talking like that’s not been done
You steal his sons and daughters yet you still his sons and daughters by mental alterizations of the truth
“As if” like spoken by mindless blondes like all blondes have no mind yet The colors of hair change daily like weather in VA
You see the signs so expect the obvious
If it is his will the Lords I shall speak these writings and save as many as I can for that’s got to be my purpose for I haven’t shown much more here but my soul my spirit has been cleansed so its my duty to show he Lives!
So don’t excuse me I excuse you
Live on Yeshua I love you
Thank you Heavenly Father for showing me the truth

Feel dat



Feel dis

All blessed be the born of everyone
Seek that better that love
Everyones lost without him
But still claim direction, inspection finds deception within the minds
Yet entertained but tainers that paint pictures of false perfection
Even the illiterate can feel
And even the numb can sense
So excuses about why you missed it wont be kept
Excuse my brash delivery but its needed on time
Somebody please shake those that are baked
So that the mind sees clearly
Though my life and past have mirrored that of a sinner
Its how I know exactly what is and what isnt
So to acknowledge it only shows growth
Longing to sport forth the truth
IN awe by my thoughts on paper for striving for this endless perfection is whats read back
Not arrogant never prideful or shameful to speak or write the truth seeing as though my thoughts only come from the word
Love each other people
STOP your judgments
What is seen as wrong is still that without you speaking
Only 1 lord and only 10 commandments
Follow those 10 steps and obey and find whats everlasting
Past what seems fantastic here on earth we all know this is short lived
And Gods not allowing any Uhauls to our day of judgment
Which means you not taking none of it
Only way you fear whats here is if you lack understanding of whats not
So seek that Love that better

Feel dat

Immature verbiage


More precious than stones, gems and rubys. Plant that, so that any that wish to stem off can leave me. I have, and had seen many fall. Yet my season is to come, springing forward. Lets fast forward toward any quotes or rhetoric to explain. All can be found in a single book full of books, 66 to be exact. My route has been mapquested along with a strong signal for GPS. Yes I confess…thy has sinned. Yet forgiveness is best suited for the righteous whom are able to see their unrighteousness.  Let’s strive for attributes that match him instead of characteristics of fools. Seek truth in its fullest. Then witness the irritants become just in their own way. For I pray, and give thanks for a sacrifice that saved we! Eyes see. Yet so do messages transmitted to the brain make to make sense. To what extent must my level of past need to speak.To bring forth light to this void room to exploid the false soon. Then let the irritants stay just in their own way. I Pray…

Your influence

Good day for everyone!! I begin this beginning with a simple message to all. There is nothing that has ever been truly agreed with by everyone. Either at the same time or not. Regardless if anything you do is dependent solely on what will be received by others then what you do is in vein. Choose your passion as your source to do it. Period. I love to write for I know it is my gift and my calling to touch many and glorify Christ through it. Many are called but few are chosen. By that I take it to mean that the heavenly father wants many to use the gifts he has given them, but it requires us to choose that path. Everyone will choose, do not let anyone make you believe that their life is just some sort of a happenstance. No disease or conflict, no argument or failure is a reason to believe that your purpose cannot be fulfilled. What you will read in this blog now and in the future is writings from 3 years ago. My current writings will be shown once I have eclipsed all that has been written previously for I believe that its purpose has order. Now I myself ruined my path at one point using pot and drinking, fornicating and was a liar. Poor habits formed a poor human being and what was but a poor excuse for a man. Owning all of those things about myself allowed me to come to the father with truly all my heart and it allowed him to begin working on me and in me. Now the want and the desire to glorify him through recordings and writing is my purpose. Its my purpose for my children and friends and family. For everyone that is used by the heavenly father is designed to touch others period. I have no desires for any fame or fortune. Just to provide for mine and use what was given to me by the most high. Here are a few quotes of mine that I hope will do for others what it does for me.

“We control our own future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands your own”

“No one can inspire you better than you. Don’t underestimate the power and influence you have on yourself”

Feel that